If you're someone who loves LEGO as much as I do, you've probably built some unofficial models, either from instructions that someone else put together or you designed yourself. I've designed hundreds of my own custom MOCs (my own creations) over the years and built quite a few as well, and now I'm offering exclusive access to the instructions for them through Patreon!

There are three tiers to choose from, all of which give you access to releases from ongoing series, with higher tiers giving more access and control over what themes and models I'll build. Below are the models released thus far with some 'previews' of tentative upcoming models in each series. Can you guess what subsequent models will be?

Clicking on each 'revealed' model will take you directly to the Patreon post containing the information and files for the instructions. You'll find a PDF and an XML file, with the PDF containing the instructions and the XML containing the parts list.

Models in this series are approximately 1:100 scale with slight deviations in a few models where its appearance benefits from the use of certain parts which don't allow the model to stay in strict scale. With a focus on texture as much as overall form, you might find the level of detail in some of these models surprising despite their small size!

Models in this series are in a very consistent 1:125 scale. Many of the features are suggestive rather than exact, with the focus being the proper sillouette and overall look of each craft. While many of the entries in this series are technically used by the U.S. NAVY, including them all together under the "Air Force" brand seemed ideal for the purposes of a cohesive collection of flying vehicles.

Models in this series are in 1:800 scale, the same as the official LEGO Empire State Building set (21046). The same style of base with surrounding streets (and cars, where applicable) is also present in each. Great care has been taken to ensure the proper scale of each one, rounding to the nearest 'plate thickness' to determine the height while the width and depth are dictated by the nearest standard brick unit in most cases, but often for the sake of aesthetics, the scale in these directions is more loosely followed.


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